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The dream of a beautiful home. Everyone has it. Doesn’t he? Me too, of course.

In search of ideas I like to search the Internet and with preference Pinterest. You can find so many beautiful things. Things that are achievable and of course things that remain dreams with the available budget.

Here you will find beautiful things for decoration or ideas for facilities that I have found and collected on my expeditions through the Internet.

Aren’t they cute? Little Pumpkins painted by hand. Found these in the Etsy Shop TheAmyverse. What a lovely idea for your halloween decoration.

outdoor pillows beach house style

If you want to decorate your home in the Beach House Style, let’s have a look at these gorgeous outdoor pillows.

On zazzle.com you will find a huge selection of pillows that you can also personalize.

Clicking* the picture will bring you to the zazzle product page.

wall art

little cottage prints

Find some nice artwork from our little etsy shop littlecottageprints

Find more in our Etsy shop.